Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks The Internet Review

My eldest and I were lucky enough to see this movie in an advanced screening, before it hits cinemas here in Australia on Boxing Day. 

My eldest loved the first Wreck It Ralph movie, so it was only fitting we had to see this one too. This sequel did not disappoint! This movie may have Ralph as the billing character but Vanellope really does take the spotlight in this sequel.

This movie tells a strong friendship story within its concept of video game characters, popular websites, and social media platforms. This new adventure thrusts Ralph and Vanellope into the wilds of the web; adults, even more than kids, will enjoy the movie’s jokes and references to sites and internet phenomena that are all too relatable.

Without spoiling too much of the movie, my favourite part would be when Vanellope meets the Disney Princess (which are voiced mostly by their original actors). Since Vanellope is also a princess, the ladies have a hilarious conversation about what it means to be a princess (magical abilities, dead parent(s), important water, curses, and big, strong men). The sequence is very funny and well layered, and the princesses all end up changing into loungewear to follow Vanellope’s comfortable hoodie chic (if you see this movie look at what is on each of the princesses shirts as they all reference something to their character/movie)

Also stay for the end credits as there is a mid-credit video, which most people tend to miss.

Rating: ★★★★★

Recommended Viewers: Everyone

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